Professional Structural Design Secrets of Parameters at Site

In this article I am going to share the Secrets of Structural Engineering which you will not find in any books even Structural Engineers will not share. Structural Design specially Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures (RCC Structures) we need to check against various critical factors or conditions.

After checking for all such conditions like Shear Stress, Bending Moment, Axial Force and so on, there will be one most important critical parameter on which the main structural geometry of the Slab, Beam, Column, Foundation will be done for determining its Depth, Width, or the Cross-Section in general.


What I will share with you now only comes from experience after doing enough Structural Design for RCC Structures. Hence, you must surely look for this parameters very precisely along with all others.

Sl. No.Type of StructureGoverning Parameter
1Continuous and Discontinuous Slabs for Residential Class LoadingDeflection
2Discontinuous Slab of Commercial, Institutional etc. Loading ClassMid Span Positive Bending Moment
3Continuous Slab of Commercial, Institutional etc. Loading ClassContinuous Edge Maximum Negative Bending Moment
4Single Span BeamMaximum Positive Span Moment
5Multi-Span BeamMaximum Negative Support Moment
6Interior Short ColumnAxial Force
7Exterior Short Column of General Residential Loading Class BuildingAxial Force
8Exterior Short Column of High Rise Residential Loading Class Building or Commercial/ Institutional BuildingCombination of Column Moments and Axial Force
9Long ColumnCombination of Slenderness Ratio and Axial Force
10Isolated Column FootingShear Stress both One Way and Punching Shear
11Combined/Strap/Raft/Mat Column FootingBending Moments -for Single span Span Moment and for Multi-Span Support Moment
12StairSpan Positive Bending Moment
13LintelSpan Positive Bending Moment

I hope this article will boost your Structural Design Skill and you will be now able to perform Structural Design much more quicker than you used to. Again this will help you at site for spot Structural Design decision with only a calculator in hand to take up the job and have a fair idea about the final structural design results.

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Professional Structural Design Secrets of Parameters at Site
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