Samsung Smartphone Battery Problem Magical Solution

People Gets Angry Due To Battery Problem

Samsung is one of the leading Brand as far as Smartphones are concerned. Samsung provides a very wide range of smartphones with best feature packed in once. In-spite of having the very Good picture taking quality and the buttery touch of the Capacitive touch screen with a bright display still it lacks the most important thing of all, that is the battery. The Battery which is most important factor of all is almost next to nothing in all Samsung  Smartphones, though any smartphone consumes very large amount of power within a short period  of time but still those phones like Sony’s, Nokia’s still runs at least for a Day or two without further need of charging. But that in case of Samsung phones ( Specially Smartphones ) you would feel lucky if any how it cal pull it self throughout the day without the need of further fueling. I’ve given some stats below about Samsung Smartphone’s Battery Life in Practical usage with a single Full Charge :
  1. Standby Time :- 2 Days 
  2. General Uses like Texting, Calling not more than 3 hrs. :- 12 Hours at max. 
  3. General Uses + Music :- 8 Hours 
  4. General Uses + Photo Shooting :- 2Hours 
  5. General Uses + Internet :- 3Hours at max.
I’ve also used various applications to reduce my Battery consumption, but all of them are just waste of time, money, and usage of internet, so just keep away of those creepy apps who claims to save your Battery. Actually these apps shuts down some of the background processing and just reduces a small amount of consumption, which is of no use
But the stats I’ve given earlier are the real facts If Your Battery is in good condition. Batteries provided by the Samsung with the Handsets are not always in good condition I think, Samsung Batteries are having some trouble I guess. Even the battery given in the box with the Handset is not even up to the standard as compared to the separately purchased Battery of the same Model and of the same manufacturer that is Samsung. May be in this way Samsung is somehow forcing people to buy it separately. It did happened to me, once I bought a Samsung Galaxy ACE when it was released. That time the Battery I got was serving me for a day for General uses, and if I would used Internet then it would go all the way down crying for another charge within 30 minutes. Lately I was bound to bought a separate Battery of the same capacity that is of 1350mAh and used in my Galaxy, and what a surprise!!!!!!!! It is giving me a standby time of 4 Days. I’ve mentioned the stats with the Battery given with the Handset and with that of I purchased separately :


  1. Standby Time :- 1 Days 
  2. General Uses like Texting, Calling not more than 3 hrs. :- 8 Hours at max. 
  3. General Uses + Music :- 6 Hours 
  4. General Uses + Photo Shooting :- 1Hours 
  5. General Uses + Internet :- 30 Minutes at max.


  1. Standby Time :- 4 Days 
  2. General Uses like Texting, Calling not more than 3 hrs. :- 1.5 Days at max. 
  3. General Uses + Music :- 20 Hours 
  4. General Uses + Photo Shooting :- 3 Hours 
  5. General Uses + Internet :- 4 Hours at max.
Just look at the difference, isn’t it amazing!!!!. But it’s not just only the new battery that made the magic, there is also some tips in areas of concern which are to be made to achive this easily I’ve listed them below.
The annoying thing that is Battery Low

My Final Tips To Increase The Battery Life Like A Magic Charm :

  • Change The Battery with a new Original one if necessary. 
  • Do Not Over Charge your Battery. This is very very important or else you will loose the capacity of the battery time by time. 
  • Reduce the Screen Brightness to 0 or 1. Don’t worry it will not made your screen difficult to read, it will just stop the mindless wasting of energy which is useless, and it will also help your eyes to sooth.
  • Turn Off Auto Synchronization if possible. 
  • Turn Off Background Data. If Background Data is kept on then your Handset will be always connected to the internet even when it’s not required to do so and will Eat Your Battery Like A Monster. 
  • Charge your phone after shutting it down, it’s not a good way to charge your phone while it’s on. Because the Battery which is in the phone it converts Chemical Energy to Electrical Energy and power ups your phone, and while charging the Electrical Energy of the A.C. Source is converted into Chemical Energy in the Battery. Thus these two are opposite reactions, and if you will charge your phone while your phone is turned on then two opposite type of reactions will take place within the battery and with time it will reduce the capacity of your Battery to Store the Energy efficiently.
I hope with the above Tips you will surely be able to to taker your phone with you without bagging a charger with you.
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